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The London School of Self-Awareness (LSSA) promotes self-awareness and presence as tools for greater personal fulfilment and social harmony.

We have held hundreds of events both online and face-to-face where people attend from all around the UK and the world.

You can check out some of our public events listed on this site as well as our fundraising activities via the More Trees Campaign.

How self-awareness works

Remember that self-awareness is a very personal thing so the path must be customised to fit each person. We have decades of combined experience in helping you assess the best place to start, either within our courses and acitivities or other paths elsewhere.

Everything begins by sending an email, Facebook message, or calling us for an initial chat! If you are not ready for that yet, check out our activties, events and social media below.

News and events

Information on what we are doing and the events we are holding

Nature and causality

By Peter Lesniak There have been some discussions regarding the broader implications of nature in our social context that are, perhaps, difficult to observe in the way that we are used to. One of such Read more…

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