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London School of Self-Awareness invites people who are interested in getting to know themselves in a new way and living their best life, to become a part of its community. By working on ourselves we have an opportunity to develop ourselves and in turn improve the world around us.

Who we are

Since 1999, we have worked with people in London and further afield seeking their deeper purpose and meaning, by running workshops, seminars, charitable initiatives and groups, where we practise self-awareness, inner harmony and silence. London School of Self-Awareness has grown and matured over the years offering education and training in self-awareness practices across the capital and beyond.

Our approach

Our approach is rooted in understanding that we cannot develop ourselves one-sidedly – for example, by working on our thinking or practising meditation only. To achieve real results, we must work on our mind, emotions and body at the same time to create inner harmony and balance. This principle underpins our programme of training and activities.

We look at self-awareness in the context of 4 key pillars – 4 spheres of human activity – Philosophy, Arts, Science and Economics, understanding the impact that each of these pillars have on us as individuals and becoming aware of the responsibility we each have to contribute to the society we live in.

What you can do

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