About London School of Self-Awareness

We are group of people who work together on a path of presence and evolution. Following an organised system of ideas taught by Patrizio Paoletti, we share the fruits of our personal observations and study as part of our commitment to be a light in the world. Our study is based on:

The path begins with us, who we are now, without judgement. This clarity creates silence, which allows us to interact with world in new and more useful ways.

A organised, personal path
While each of us has our own starting point, there are common steps on the path to presence.

Global perspective
We look to develop a global vision of ourselves and our relationships. The focus is on developing our sensitivity and ability to create a more meaningful life for everyone.

News and events

Information on what we are doing and the events we are holding

Life of Presence series

We are starting the new year with a series of talks and workshops, Life of Presence. We will explore some of the ideas and tools at the heart of our work on self-awareness. There are Read more…

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